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If you are looking to adopt or to place your newborn child with an adoptive family, you can get the assistance you need from our birth parent adoption agency, which serves Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. As a non-profit child welfare agency, we take pride in the work we perform to create families. Since 1994, we have been devoted to this mission and we can help you have confidence as you navigate the adoption process. Our experience in adoption has helped us provide excellent adoption, foster care, and child welfare services. Below, we provide an overview of the services we provide.

Adoptive Parents
At Adoption ARC, we are devoted to helping each individual develop a unique relationship with each adoptive family. We can help you determine your eligibility and proceed through each step in the adoption process, from the home study to in-home counseling and other services after the process is completed and the child is placed.

Birth Parents
Birth parents who come to our adoption agency can be provided with free confidential counseling, either in your home or at another location. Whether you choose to parent the child on your own or proceed with the adoption, we can help you prepare for the future and provide you with the support you need.

Unplanned Pregnancy
Are you going through an unplanned pregnancy? This situation can be one of the most frightening and confusing circumstances of your life, which is why our caring agency works to support you during the entire situation. As you wait to give birth to a child who was not planned and decide whether or not to place him or her with an adoptive family, we can support you.

What are the types of adoption available?

While there are many different types of adoptions, one thing remains constant: these children need loving, nurturing homes.

Some of the types of adoption available include:
  • Domestic adoptions: Children in these types of adoptions are U.S. citizens. These adoptions must adhere to state and federal regulations.
  • International adoptions: Children may be placed in a home outside the United States.
  • Agency adoptions: Agency adoptions can be public or private. Public agencies are run by state and local governments. Private agencies go through extensive and continuous state screening before receiving their licenses and accreditations. In addition, private agencies usually provide counseling services to all parties involved.
  • Private adoptions: Sometimes called independent adoptions, private adoptions are facilitated by an intermediary. These go-betweens do not have to be licensed and usually do not provide any counseling services. Independent or private adoptions are not legal in Delaware.
  • Same-Sex Adoptions: If the same-sex couple is married and resides in a state that recognizes their marriage, the adoption procedure is the same as with heterosexual couples. If they are unmarried, most states will allow them to jointly petition to adopt. Currently, there are eight states that do not allow joint petitioning.

Almost 23 years of Honoring the Adoption Triad

We provide a number of services to birth families and adoptive families. Birth families can receive free and confidential counseling that addresses the pregnancy, the newborn, and a number of other aspects of the adoption process. For adoptive families, we make efforts to keep them connected with our agency. Our reason for helping our clients in this manner is that adoption is a lifelong process. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy or are pursuing adoption, you can turn to our adoption agency for the answers you need. Contact us today!

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