The Perils of Private Adoption

Private or independent adoptions may seem attractive at first. No agency involvement, no restrictive qualifying criteria, just an agreement made between the parties involved. However, these type of adoptions can present a perilous situation for both the adoptive parents and birth mother.

Private Adoption Risks in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey

Private adoptions can be facilitated by an intermediary or just between the parties themselves. However, the lack of safeguards make these type of adoption agreements particularly vulnerable to dissolution. Many things contribute to the riskiness of private adoptions, including:

  • Lack of complete screening of either the adoptive or birth parents
  • Absence of counseling services
  • Facilitators do not have to be licensed or participate in a thorough accreditation process
  • Birth parents may have longer time to revoke their consent
  • Improper financial support of the birth mother may subject parents to criminal charges

Most states have extensive laws regulating these types of adoption, which often necessitates more work from the adoptive parents. Careful, itemized record keeping must be done to assure finalization. In addition, private or independent adoptions are illegal in the state of Delaware.

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