Types of Adoption

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For individuals who are seeking to create a family, increase their family size or find a home for their child through adoption, there are many avenues to contemplate. Learning the details of all of the options available enables them make the best decision for their current and future families.

At Adoption ARC, we have been honoring the adoption triad of birth parent-adoptive parent-adoptee for more than 23 years. If you are a birth parent, or wishing to become an adoptive parent, our private, non-profit child welfare agency is dedicated to assisting you. Contact us anytime to speak with one of our counselors.

What are the types of adoption available?

While there are many different types of adoptions, one thing remains constant: these children need loving, nurturing homes.

Some of the types of adoption available include:
  • Domestic adoptions: Children in these types of adoptions are U.S. citizens. These adoptions must adhere to state and federal regulations.
  • International adoptions: Children may be placed in a home outside the United States.
  • Agency adoptions: Agency adoptions can be public or private. Public agencies are run by state and local governments. Private agencies go through extensive and continuous state screening before receiving their licenses and accreditations. In addition, private agencies usually provide counseling services to all parties involved.
  • Private adoptions: Sometimes called independent adoptions, private adoptions are facilitated by an intermediary. These go-betweens do not have to be licensed and usually do not provide any counseling services. Independent or private adoptions are not legal in Delaware.
  • Same-Sex Adoptions: If the same-sex couple is married and resides in a state that recognizes their marriage, the adoption procedure is the same as with heterosexual couples. If they are unmarried, most states will allow them to jointly petition to adopt. Currently, there are eight states that do not allow joint petitioning.

Bringing Families Together is Our Lifelong Commitment

Regardless of the method of adoption chosen, at Adoption ARC, we believe bringing families together is a lifelong process. From the initial counseling session to the adoption day celebration and beyond, we are committed to providing support to all parties involved.

If you would like to learn more about the adoption services we provide, we are available anytime. Call or email us today to reach one of our compassionate adoption professionals!

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